Listen (a poem)

The silence defeats me, It finds new ways to deplete me. There are days where I want to sleep through it, And moments where I think "Can I even do it?'

This is Life

I was raised with values and an understanding that there is a right and wrong and you don't get a free pass... you work for it. You earn your keep. You also do not discriminate or hate on others, you find ways to make things better in this world. Being kind goes a long way...

Life Matters

There are some who will grow up without anything and rise to someone with everything. Others will have everything and lose it all... this is life and you have to grasp it in a way that wont damage your opinions on the greater good in the world.

Little Bird… (a poem)

Come away with me little bird. We can fly above this world of dirt and sorrow. We can laugh about the torture of tomorrow. And when the wicked wind tries to tear us down, we can rise above the hurt around. Come away with me little bird.

Thoughts and Fears..

I often find myself wondering what she is thinking.. I of course wish she could tell me her wants and needs verbally and I would love to hear her say I love you mom. I dream of the endless possibilities with her and I believe that someday I will hear those sweet words from her.

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