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Connect the Dots

She doesn't know how to make meaningful connections I'm told. She lives in her own little world I'm told. She learns at a different pace and level I'm told. Yes some of this is true but that little girl runs to me when I get home from work, she hugs me and tries to say Mom. She cuddles with me at night and we laugh together over favorite songs and dance.

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 Be Humble and Hustle 

We want to raise them into the Kings and Queens of this world that we know they can be. We as parents want to instill a great life for those little people that we brought into the world. So we conquer the day and succeed at life for them and for ourselves.... We kick ass and repeat.

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You should challenge yourself to do something good for someone else. Even if it's opening the door for that little old lady. Or seeing that person who looks so full of hate and giving them a compliment. And yes they can be a complete stranger... Start each day being thankful for being able to open your eyes and see this world....

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Oh the places you will go…

Being in a world where everything is judged even when it shouldn't be is hard for all of us. We struggle to survive with being happy when we are not, doing things we are uncomfortable with, and being in an environment that we may feel is unsafe. That whole put on your fake smile and go on with the day vibe is crushing for some. There are so many of us that put ourselves out into the world and well we aren't ourselves we are what we think society wants us to be. When I had McKinley I changed ...