Here are some amazing organizations that you can connect to…

Yoocan is the world’s #1 empowerment and community resource for people with disabilities and their families.

McKinley’s YooCan Story


**Above is a wonderful and amazing site for anyone who has any kind of disability and for their families. The link to our story on their site is above, check it out. Share your story too and get connected with others and find great resources through YOOCAN**



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Sparrow Clubs

Sparrow Clubs

Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple, yet heroic, acts of kindness in schools and youth culture by empowering kids to help kids in medical need.

McKinley’s Sparrow Video


**Sparrows Club is beyond magical. Any family who has a chance to be a part of this can experience something that I feel all should when they have a child in need of medical care. Kids help kids and that is very empowering to see. Once a sparrow always a sparrow**



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Applied Behavior Analysis Programs Guide

ABA for Autism and more

**Above is a wonderful website that I stumbled across while searching for things about autism. If you pull this site up and go down the page you will see to the left a Features section. This has a list of lots of great resources for parents. It can help you with education and asd friendly trips. Click here and check it out.**




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Sesame Street and Autsim

**There are 2 things with Sesame Street that I want to share. First off we all love the fact that they are about including all. It is wonderful that they go above and beyond. To top it off they have a site for individuals on the spectrum and they are helping those like my sunshine girl have vacations at their theme park in Pennsylvania! Yes far from Oregon, but someday we hope to go and if you are close and need to let your little one enjoy a vacation look here!:

Sesame Place Theme Park


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Autism Inclusive Vacation Packages

This is amazing and just like the Sesame Street Park the Characters are there for your family to enjoy, they have wonderful vacation packages and honestly some day maybe we will take our little one here too if not to the Sesame Street Theme Park. She would love it!!! And yes it is hard to travel and find places to even go to when you have a child that marches to the beat of their own drum and that has complex medical needs. Sounds like they make it as easy as possible for parents and kids. The cost is the only thing to deal with, yes that alone can be much for anyone but knowing that a place offers something like this warms my heart! Thank you Beaches!!!! 

Enjoy an amazing Luxury Included® family
vacation knowing that your child is always
in good hands.

Our Child Care Staff Continuously Receives
Competency Training In The Following Areas:

  • Sensory Awareness
  • Motor Skills
  • Autism Overview
  • Program Development
  • Social Skills
  • Communication
  • Environment
  • Emotional Awareness & Bullying



To speak with one of our autism-friendly Special Services
Representatives who can provide personal assistance in ensuring
how to best accommodate you and your family during your stay,


844-360-9380 (US/Canada)

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