Live Full

My life isn't easy, yes it's full of everyday life events some are great and I would re-live them over and over if I could... others just need to be erased from my mind lol.. but this is true for all of us, and if we did more fun things and put ourselves in the vibrant world around us trying to do more and live life to it's full potential we could "throat punch the devil" too... 


You can do pretty much anything you put your mind to... I tell her this all the time.. and no today I'm not talking about my sweet McKinley or her sister... I'm talking about my sister...

You Are… (a poem)

The warrior in your heart is strong, You understand this world even when things seem so wrong.  You see things in your own way, You find ways to tackle each and every day.

Little Bird… (a poem)

Come away with me little bird. We can fly above this world of dirt and sorrow. We can laugh about the torture of tomorrow. And when the wicked wind tries to tear us down, we can rise above the hurt around. Come away with me little bird.

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