Moving to the beat

The music soothes her in a way nothing else can.... I've learned so much in the last 3 years as her mother. She is my little light when there is nothing but darkness and she doesn't even know it. She loves music, more than anyone I have ever met.

Helicopter Mom

I call myself a " helicopter mom"... Most people will look at a situation in life and if it's too hard they will walk away from it. At times depending on the given situation that one action of walking away can make it worse.

Bad Days and Good

I've got 99 problems and bags under my eyes for days but here I am doing what good I can. I hope you feel good about the great things you do. If not, please take a moment to close your eyes and tell yourself thank you if no one else has.

Thoughts and Fears..

I often find myself wondering what she is thinking.. I of course wish she could tell me her wants and needs verbally and I would love to hear her say I love you mom. I dream of the endless possibilities with her and I believe that someday I will hear those sweet words from her.

Oh the places you will go…

Being in a world where everything is judged even when it shouldn't be is hard for all of us. We struggle to survive with being happy when we are not, doing things we are uncomfortable with, and being in an environment that we may feel is unsafe. That whole put on your fake smile and go on with the day vibe is crushing for some. There are so many of us that put ourselves out into the world and well we aren't ourselves we are what we think society wants us to be. When I had McKinley I changed ...

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