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Mom Must Haves (for “me” time)

Being a Mom is the hardest job, you never know if you are doing it 100% and you question lots of "Mom Life" moments. When you have a child with special needs those moments are magnified and every aspect of life seems to throw itself at you in ways you never knew could exist. Life itself has changed forever and you will wish you could live forever to make sure your child is always cared for the way you do.

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Advocate like a Mother…

Advocating for her is hard sometimes. Not only do I have to be her voice, but I have to be the "voice" of her disabilities and abilities . Sometimes I have to talk about her in a way that for me is really hard. As a special needs parent you really try to uplift your child, you try to make them feel important and having an optimistic approach is generally the best option. If you think negative all the time because you can't get over the fact that there are things that will always be different, good luck you wont make it in this mom life.... 

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Being Mom

Being a mom is rewarding . It's difficult yes and you will constantly question yourself. You will make mistakes and you will triumph while you accomplish some pretty amazing things in life. Being mom is hard though. Sometimes you forget about yourself but you'll still smile because you put your tribe first. Some days you'll run on coffee fumes and rush out the door. You'll be amazed at how much you can do when you need to get those little ones places on time. Being a mom is magical.