Our Journey

Her smile can light up a room. She is my everything and I will protect her.


McKinley was born on March 31st 2014. She was to come into this world with severe medical issues involving her brain not developing correctly. Her Corpus Callosum portion in her brain did not develop like it should causing some major neurological difficulties. She was diagnosed with a VSD heart defect at 3 months old causing failure to thrive issues. She has been followed by multiple doctors.
She has also been diagnosed with having a “lazy eye” which she wore eye patches to help try to correct. She did not sit on her own until after her first birthday, and she did not walk until 2 years old due to having a form of Cerebral Palsy.  She may be slower to learn than most but once she understands something there is no stopping her.
She has severe GERD causing reflux issues everyday. She has been diagnosed with scoliosis and due to her life on the spectrum she likes to wander. She wears orthopedic inserts in her shoes due to collapsed arches to help her walk. At age 3 she has was diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum.
 To top it all off we were told that she may have a rare syndrome and she will need to see a specialist to determine this. With everything that she has going on and all the challenges  she is so happy and so sweet. She is non verbal and loves sensory stimulation. However at times she experiences sensory overload. When this happens we sing her a song and her world balances out. Her favorite things include music, playing in water, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, wheel of fortune, her family, and any bright light.
If you have a child with additional needs of any kind hang in there, you got this. Each day is a battle within as a parent, at times I want to fall apart and its OK to be upset but be strong it makes a difference. McKinley has a wonderful family who loves her and supports her and each day we try to do whats best for her, but it’s not easy and we learn a lot each day…

“It’s not our disabilities, It’s our abilities that count.”

-Chris Burke

 We were able to be a part of a wonderful organization in her first year of life. They helped us along in the beginning and showed empathy and compassion to what we were going through.. at that time we had no clue where the road would take us… we are forever thankful for the support from Sparrow Clubs

Sparrow Clubs Non Profit Kids Helping Kids

Watch Her Video

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All of us on the last day of her SparrowClub Assembly with the kids at Hedrick Middle School…… #sparrowvision #sparrowclubsusa #sparrowclubs #southernoregonsparrowclubs


Getting her EEG test done to monitor for seizure activity
Getting her echo done
Happy days outdoors in Oregon. Enjoying the outside world, her favorite place to be…
Exploring with Burt Dog
In the ER getting hydrated after catching a good ol virus… even the smallest sickness knocks her down but she had her hero aka Daddy
Walking on the beach with Dad


Little Miss Mini Boss McKinley
Sister Love
Doctors said she may never walk…. she runs

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