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There are so many different ways that we can take care of ourselves as individuals or just as the tired Moms that we are. One thing we can all agree to in the world of being a Mom, is we often forget about that simple task of caring for ourselves. Listen to this fact please… if you don’t take care of yourself, your kids wont have you there to be the person that they need. Scary truth I know, I too have forgot to take care of me and I want to share some tips on what has worked best for me. 


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When you are tired as a Mother, and Stressed or if you are like me being a special needs mom… things get crazy, my mind goes crazy and I forget to focus…


Tips on how to care for you when you are Stressed.

To live a happier life, and lower your risk of developing health issues, here are some tips for nurturing your physical and mental health before stress runs you ragged.

1. Consider doing less

Sometimes your body needs down time to relax and replenish your energy. Your mind needs a break and honestly if you don’t slow down you will run yourself out. Rather than taking on more responsibilities or accept an invitation to do something that will take that time away from “you time”.. Take a moment and relax, the dishes will still be there, the laundry will still be there, you can have a moment to yourself and if you say yes to that invite your moment is gone… there will be more invitations…

2. Make time for reflection

Whether you write down stressful thoughts to get them out of your head, taking time to reflect on your feelings and write them down can have a calming effect. Taking a few minutes each day for this exercise can even help prevent future feelings of stress. I keep a diary and I write down positive things for myself each day, I also have one directed towards my family and my children… someday they will hopefully cherish reading this. That alone gives me a feeling of gratitude.

3. Take a vacation

Seriously! Do it! Go, get out and have a moment to yourself or with your family. You can elevate the stress of packing by making a list prior and sitting down with a coffee, glass or wine or even water.. whatever floats your boat and relax and pack and GO. You do not have to be fancy you can rent cabins on the state websites for cheap or even take a day trip. Go see some sights close to you and breathe. Take pictures, you’ll look back on those moments and be thankful they happened.

4. Soak up the sun

Nature has healing properties and getting outside is phenomenal for anyone. Living in Oregon we all seem to have some kind of Vitamin D issue from not enough sun, lol. Seriously though all the doctors here push that, take your Vitamin D… well the sun is the solution folks, it feels good and there is always a bright side to playing and spending time outdoors. You can even be like me and when you little ones are sleeping go outside and lay our a blanket and have a pre-tend play moment of your own, I pretend I’m having a picnic with no kids. Pretty cool stuff.

5. Be active

Get your body moving. If you are able to set aside just 30 minutes each day this is a great start to helping yourself. By being active you will have a lot of great results when it comes to self-care and getting rid of stress. You do not have to be some fitness guru and work out to the point where you gasp for air and pass out. You do however need to be consistent and allow yourself a healthy environment to move and groove. By this I mean either work out at home or go to the gym but do not go to the gym and compare yourself to others, this will not help at all. Get out and move you body and turn your stress into sweat and make that a habit.


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Simple tips on Self Care and things that can help you be happier each day


  1. Turn on some uplifting music- this can be anything that moves your soul. Maybe there is an artist or song that gives you a strong message and you just needed to hear it. Who knows this could be a throw back song for you or even that church hymn that you love so much. Sometimes I go from listening to Lauren Daigle all the way back to Pantera, no joke I have a wide range of music love.
  2. Make yourself some tea or coffee- being a parent we usually are making things for other people, so yes make yourself your favorite tea or coffee and do not chug it. Save the personal chugging contest for a later date, this is for relaxation.
  3. Go on social media and spread kindness- Yes, throw that kind vibe around like confetti. Make it rain, for reals though. Copy and paste a quote and post it, it will make you feel good and others too.
  4. Write down anything that is weighing you down- Let it go, just write it down and let it go and then take a moment and breathe long and think about all those things you just wrote and then go back to the paper and put a dash next to each item and write down a single step you can do to help make that stress dwindle.
  5. Sit on your couch and close your eyes- Weird, when do I have time for this? you may think, Um actually always! You can close your eyes for just a moment and relax and do a quick breathing exercise to re-focus you. Everyone will live, it will be ok. I do this and my kids are all over the place, but they are ok.
  6. Think of one way you may compare yourself to others and actually feel bad about it- Wow, this feels like a stab in the heart. But honestly it’s good to feel for others and your own actions. I’m constantly worried about how others judge my child or my parenting of my child due to my specific life situation but I too can be negative in my thoughts about others. You will never learn how to go about this differently if you don’t think about it and feel bad about it. No you do not need to cry a river but yes you do need to feel it will help you get things off your plate. Be a good human.
  7. Do a single house chore that has been driving you crazy- Maybe it’s dusting, or that one load of laundry or vacuuming. Don’t run a house cleaning marathon and work yourself into a coma, just do one thing and then take a break and feel good about it. I always make a list of my day and go from there.
  8. Call someone just to say hi- We often talk to people when we want something and forget that adult to adult contact is so important. Really it is so important to be able to have a normal conversation with someone who will listen to you and who knows maybe you can vent about things or laugh about how silly your kid or husband or even your dog or cat are… don’t text, make the call.
  9. Compliment others- Heck yes! Say something nice to someone, be kind with your words and who knows that one nice comment may be the biggest blessing for someone else and will make you feel great.
  10. Plan a one on one with your child- You do not have to make this an epic event, but allow yourself to make it memorable. Maybe go hiking and take some pictures, you’ll treasure them later. Or have a backyard picnic or a lunch date or craft time date. If your kids are older go to the mall let them buy anything they want for the 20 buck you hand them. Watch one of their favorite YouTubers with them, my oldest is all about the YouTubers lol.


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We are parents and we are strong for our children and supportive. We also have to be this way for ourselves. I hope some of my tips have helped you or inspired you in some way. -K-


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  1. Being stressed and overwhelmed, and then having self-care slip as a result, is a sure-fire way to burn out. Self-care really is so important, and it’s far from selfish, it’s vital. Great thoughts and ideas! 🙂

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  2. Stress is something where either we’re too much filled up or we’re too empty to do something. It’s a feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure and everyone has their own ways to get rid of stress.
    One may not be in the mood to meditate during stress as our thoughts are racing though meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. One also may at times face relationship-stress where breathing exercises is not the solution but breathing exercises is again the ideal ways to take out stress; communicating with your partner is what will get a solution in such a situation.
    I’ve just done a post on how to get rid of stress. Do take a look and let me know what you feel:

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