The Prize (a poem)

You could end it all,

You could make them feel your pain.

But if you did this you would lose not gain. 

There are days dark with fear,

Your mind is weak and lacking,

The levels of hate within you send your soul packing. 

You could end it all,

You could give up,

But if you did this you would break and fall. 

Ahead is life and it’s trophy case,

Break the glass with bloody fists,

You rage from within and spit anger from your face. 

You could have the prize,

You could win and they would see,

The thoughts of that life consume you and push to your demise. 

Push ahead you do,

Everything is fresh and so new,

Forming thoughts powerful without envy,

People have dark days some just more than a few.



Image result for copyright signKayleigh 


I write a lot about positive behavior and how you need to keep those happy thoughts working from within. Yes this is my game plan in life… think happy and be happy. But people!! I’m human and I get dark sometimes, really dark! I have moments where my mind gets consumed by things that happen. I write poetry to help my soul in ways that nothing else can.

And a lot of the poetry I write isn’t actually about me and my thoughts as much as the world around me and those in my life and what they may be going through. I personally have had moments where I feel down and upset with the direction of my life, I have never attempted to end it. I hope if there are people reading this who feel that way that you know there are people who want to help and are there for you. Depression is a real horrible thing that lots of people battle with and there is help. If you feel like you are unhappy please reach out.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline




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Edgar Allan Poe


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