Life is sometimes uncomfortable… why you may ask?

..things happen that are hard on us.. changes take place that we didn’t think would ever happen and this is life.

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Sometimes we do not understand the full effect of “this is life” until something changes us. We live it and we go hard daily until something stops us and our eyes are then open to the reality of this world. I do not feel the same way I once did about life… I feel more open to the possibilities that things change and they may not always be what I would expect… I do have a very positive point of view and I try to radiate that in my life but I have not always been this way.

I was teased for years due to being a red head, yup being bullied sucks. But that lead me to become a bitter little person when I was younger and in fact lead me to be angry and the term fiery one stuck well with me not only due to my hair color. It did allow me to be stronger later on but still it sucks to feel like people don’t like you.

Another fun fact about me is I suffer from this “condition” called RBF= Resting “B” Face.. yes I do have a major case of this and therefore people look at me and instantly I’m judged. I also hung around a crazy crowd back in the day and I’m sure there are things said about what I may still be like… sorry to disappoint anyone but I’m just a hardcore mom who loves endlessly and would go beyond to protect my children and make sure they have a great life..

The fun things I do now are no where near what I thought was fun when I was young. Looking back at my younger days I think … How am I still here??? I seriously thank God for that because I never thought about my so called “future” I only lived in the moment and everything around me was fun, I never really thought about cars or homes or having children… I just thought about me. 

Being selfish can really make you not realize the real things that are happening around you. And no It did not take me having McKinley to realize that I needed to open my eyes and heart to this real life I was living… it just took me getting to a point where I wanted more and I got older. Being young is pretty magical though, and yes I think we can all attest that we may miss things about being young… 

I see my oldest (Savy my amazing bonus child) growing up rather fast. Honestly it’s scary to see how kids have become with Social Media and Cell Phones and the music they listen to… everything it so “lit” for them. I know we are leading her with good examples but this is real life and it will affect each person differently in their path… no one is immune to the twists and turns life takes… all we really can do is lead our kids down a strong path and teach them. 

I think we can all agree that no one is perfect and we will make many mistakes in parenting but we just want the best life for our kids… raising girls is tough though… I actually get all teary eyed thinking about how thankful I am to have both of them (Sav and Kin). 

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There are so many beautiful moments and memories that I share with each of them… and they are so different.. for example Sav came home from school last night and claimed she now has a boyfriend (UGH Why?!!!).. as crazy as this may sound I’m thankful for moments like that with her because those are moments that I may never get from McKinley… I’m also very thankful for how amazing it is that McKinley wants to cuddle each night and how she will take both her hands and move my face right in front of hers so she can watch my lips when I sing to her… 2 complete different little beings that have my heart in amazing ways…

Being able to change just one thing can make a huge difference… and this world is full of changes that will make you over think or dive in to something too fast.. I understand that we all want to do better and even the littlest changes can make a huge difference… Raising your tribe right in this world can be tough but doing it right could be that one change this world needs…

I want to raise them both to be strong individuals who can take on this world in a way that when people look at them they think wow way to go girl. Being a parent is very rewarding and life is super uncomfortable sometimes but we do our best to make it more comfortable and surround ourselves with a good tribe.



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