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My life is not my own, I know this and I have faith but I also get caught up in trying to play it safe at times… I want to live the longest I can so I can always take care of this wonderful, amazing little girl but that actually weighs heavy on me… the thoughts of what will happen when I’m gone truly plague my mind and it hurts…Being a special needs parent is tough and if you are one you know exactly what I mean when I say I wish I could live forever…

Hope Generation

I’m trying to change my thought process and I was inspired yesterday by something I saw and heard… I was watching the Monday service from Ben Courson. He is a young pastor who founded Hope Generation. His recent teaching of “Throat Punch The Devil” was pretty divine for me… as I watched and listened to him I thought more about how true it is that we are here for a time given and that is all… we are here to make a difference and to live this given life to the fullest… I often forget that by thinking about thoughts of what will happen when I’m gone.

Being a mother is hard because you want to make sure you protect and take great care of your children and of course we think too much about lots of things… but sometimes those thoughts can get the best of us and make us think less about what good things are in our life. I personally want to throat punch the devil and take on life to the fullest. I want to set aside the worries and just make it all count but yes it is hard at times…

We can get caught up in the safe zone… we are alive, we have a job, we have a home, bills are paid, kids are doing well, don’t feel sick and we are good and all that sounds good it really does but it’s almost as bad as the zombie movies you see out there people really it is lol…. I mean think about it.. the same thing over and over again and not ever taking a chance and going on that road trip or camping overnight in Zion National Park, or riding the Zipper at the fair because you wanted to play it safe….

I think a lot of us wake up and go to work and get stuck in this routine of “life is good” when we can actually make it better if we realize that we are here for now and being ok with the fact that we will leave this place someday is what will humble us… I think that thought is something I need to do better at embracing and I hope it will spark a light inside of me to live a fuller life before I’m gone.

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We are all different and that is what makes this world so beautiful and vibrant. It’s a world I want to be brighter in myself, I want to take more chances to do more things and not just  worry about being McKinley s mom forever… those worrying thoughts can honestly get the best of me sometimes… they can give me headaches, make me want to stay home rather than take her to the park, basically it’s like a blanket of despair…

We can all learn something from his video, I hope you watch it and feel inspired like I do. My life isn’t easy, yes it’s full of everyday life events some are great and I would re-live them over and over if I could… others just need to be erased from my mind lol.. but this is true for all of us, and if we did more fun things and put ourselves in the vibrant world around us trying to do more and live life to it’s full potential we could “throat punch the devil” too…




Image result for god gave you life


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