Defeat the Silence (a poem)

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The silence defeats me,

It finds new ways to deplete me.

There are days where I want to sleep through it,

And moments where I think “Can I even do it?’

My thought process becomes bleak,

My mind starts to feel weak.


I can’t even think when it’s like this,

For me silence is no bliss.

I need the sound of something real,

It helps me know that I can feel.

To be lost in thought is true,

It helps my soul make it through.


I listen to my thoughts each day so new,

They can pick me up when I am blue.

Each day they come and bring me here,

Thoughts of wonder, love and even fear.


I surround myself with the noise,

The sound of life and all the joys.

Better this than the silent sea,

That can take away your thoughts so free.


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