Take it Easy

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One of my favorite songs…


Sometimes we find a way to balance the hectic world around us and other times we throw in the towel. Maybe the pile of laundry was too high or the coffee wasn’t strong enough but we all get to one of those roads in life… sometimes the day takes it toll and we too need naps. 

Mom Life is the best life this is true but it’s hard. We have to re-establish ourselves into a world full of frantic panic and runny noses and toys everywhere.. not to mention the dirty diapers and fingerprints on the walls. We are the backbone to our homes and we need breaks sometimes or a fine glass of wine. 

 I got carried away packing for our medical trip this weekend and played with McKinley on SnapChat filters. Yes we had too much fun.. we forgot that Daddy was coming into the room to take it over due to his work schedule and well, this mom had to take the “bad guy” card and deal with shuffling through a mess too fast to allow him room to sleep on the bed, lol we had fun though… 

All weekend our oldest was 10 going on 20, dealing with girl drama and talking about boys that she thinks are cute… She kept saying “why me” when asked to do her chores.. honestly “why me” was the look on mine and Chads face lol. She is strong willed and we love her but slow down turbo, life is magical take it easy don’t grow so fast… kids have it harder today with all the technology and all the avenues life can go.. however being a kid is still easier than adulting. I do find a weird sense of feeling humbled thinking about how McKinley will be easier possibly with the not talking back and attitude but we will have our own mountains to climb with her…

Being a mom doesn’t stop ever… you can be at work 40+ hrs a week like me and still you are called, you are needed, and you long to be home more. I love being at work though it is kind of like a “vaca from my life” but I terribly miss my sunshine when I’m there.. she is always on my mind and in my heart. 

I think that after I get home from this Doctor appointment for her I will take time for me…. maybe have girls night once and for all with my fellow crazy friends… and yes we are crazy still.. Once we had crazy fun that was out of this world… now it’s controlled and sophisticated crazy fun and we will go crazy on anyone who messes with our kids… yes we are those moms, but what mom isn’t like that???

I will be posting some shares from our time at the Oregon Zoo and an update to her appointment soon, along with our adventures. Just remember if your a mom breathe, kick ass, repeat and carry on…   -K-





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