You can do pretty much anything you put your mind to… I tell her this all the time.. and no today I’m not talking about my sweet McKinley or her sister… I’m talking about my sister…Image result for sister quotes

She is talented and wonderful. I love her so much. I loved her more than anything the first day I met her and I knew that I would always be there for her. We have a 15 year age gap but that doesn’t matter… When she was little I was there and I would play with her and dress her and do my best for her.. Now I drink coffee with her and we talk crap about TV shows we watch together… Sometimes we even debate politics… In those moments my mind screams slow down don’t grow so fast!!!!

She is a part of me that I would be lost without. Sister bonds are strong and they can carry your soul places that just rock. I love her so much no matter what, I always will. If there is a problem I always try to help her with it… I want to take care of her and I want her to know that she can do anything in life…

I want do everything in my sisterly power to help her be a strong woman. I want her to succeed at life and follow her dreams. She wants to travel abroad for school and become a music therapists… hmmm wonder why lol, she loves McKinley so much!!! #bestauntever…

I know that there are things that will challenge her and I know that she will not have it easy but she can do it. No I’m not a crazy feminist, but I believe in girl power. I think that women are powerful and strong individuals and I think the same of men.

There is a lot going on in this world and I know that when a young girl has dreams and wants to get somewhere in life there are major mountains to climb. I want my sister to conquer those mountains and kick ass at life. Yes I also hope and pray and think all the time that after she has traveled her path.. that hopefully she will lead it back to McKinley. She needs a strong woman to lead her too. My sister is strong and smart and I love her.

She even helps McKinley adjust to wearing her glasses and helps my hubby and I have date nights now. HOLY WHAT!?? what is a date night, shoot what do I wear… yup I just freaked out when she found out how to properly put on a diaper… Not gonna lie my sis watched her once and put the diaper on backwards… lol.

Life is real and here and now and I hope for the best with the family I have. I pray for the future of my little one with her differences and I sure hope when I’m not around that someone will LOVE HER and RESPECT HER and TAKE CARE OF HER…. most of all without any regret she deserves the world even if she can’t tell you with words… Because love needs no words. This is so true, it needs the emotions and feelings… raw love is beautiful.




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Here is the site I would love for you to check out, we do have our story on it as well…

McKinley’s Story

yoocan is the world’s #1 empowerment and community resource for people with disabilities and their families


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