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Thank you to those who write thank you notes and send them in the mail.

Thank you to the people who pray for others when the other doesn’t ask.

Thank you to those who hold the door open for the elderly and young.

Thank you to anyone who smiles at strangers just to be nice.

Thank you to those who volunteer their time in life to others in need.

Thank you Mom and Dad for showing me how to be a good person in life.

Thank you to my child who has given me a new perspective on living to the fullest.

Thank you to the man on the corner with the sign that says “Need Beer Not Gonna Lie”.

Thank you my friends for the honest, sarcastic, happy, sad and REAL conversations.

Thank you to my 7th grade teacher you made a difference and I listened.

Thank you dear parents again for punishing me to my room on timeout to “read” i love books now.

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Thank you feet for taking me far on runs and walking so far.

Thank you to my rescue animals for sleeping on the bed each night and keeping me extra warm.

Thank you water for washing away my tears.

Thank you wine and cheese you are my favorite treat.

Thank you music for soothing the world when sorrow hits hard.

Thank you voice for allowing me to be heard.

Thank you to the person who doesn’t give up or back down to the things that are right.

Thank you to all who put others first you make a difference in ways you may never know.

Thank  you crossing guard you are so important.

Thank you rain for the smell you make on a hot summer day when you hit the warm pavement, i love you.

Thank you emotions for keeping it real and making me feel.

Thank you spring for being my favorite season the change of the earth is beautiful to watch come alive.

Thank you full moon i love the magic you drop on the world.

Thank you Dad for being my rock always.

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Thank you paycheck you keep a house above this family of mine.

Thank you sunshine for making my freckles stand out.

Thank you brother and sister for family is everything to me and you are both amazing.

Thank you to the trees and mountains for the adventures you allow humanity.

Thank you Savy and McKinley for keeping mom busy.

Thank you eyes for allowing me to see the color in this world where some can not.

Thank you pizza  I could eat you everyday, a whole one of you.

Thank you poetry you talk to my soul.

Thank you reality for being constant.

Thank you to my husband, my best friend for seeing into my soul and loving me whole.

Thank you to my wild heart for being outgoing and living the dream early on.

Thank you Jesus for life on this earth.

Thank you for the little things in life.

Thank you to you…. for reading the odd, wonderful, sad, interesting and ridiculous blog that I write…


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