I can see clearly now…

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Here is the update on those glasses I told you guys about…. they have arrived and as of right now she is keeping them on. For how long this will last I do not know but my husband did a darn good job on picking them out ūüĎƬ†that I do know lol…

They are rubber and bend easily so hopefully she wont be able to damage them too bad right away, she has such an aversion though¬† to glasses in general that I’m afraid this will be a great challenge for us.. I do always have the mindset to bring it on though with a lot of things in life so we will get through it just like we do with teeth brushing… I feel like you can relate even if your child doesn’t have autism… they usually do not like getting their teeth brushed at all..

Well she looks very cute and with those auburn curls, big smile and happy attitude she is a pure joy to be around no matter how bad my day goes she lights it right up, I hope she understands that the glasses need to stay since they allow her to see better and correct her¬†eye issue…..

Wish us luck we may need it right now… Until the next update over and out …



Miss Mckinley with her new glasses that her main squeeze aka DAD picked out

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