Light For The Way

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When the days start to get longer and your mind can’t find the strength to focus because you didn’t sleep in fear of the chances that something or someone you love will be lost or leave this world or things will happen tomorrow that you have no control over…. remember one thing….

Be still and know that I’ am God Psalm 46:10….

The only thing we have at times when all else seems lost is our faith and if you can put your trust in him you can find a way that can save your ❤️ heart on even your darkest days… life is very hard and we make it harder on ourselves when we dive into the darkness that life can bring… 

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pray always not just in times where you are in trouble, faith can take care of you even when you are broken❤️

Although it may be hard we need to remember to find hope in the days that seem easier than others.

Faith can carry even the weakest to victory…

  To anyone and everyone who is having a day of darkness for any reason…





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