Today I write again!!! Long time no write….First off I want to say that this world is unpredictable especially mother nature as beautiful at it can be at times, it will always throw us for a loop when least expected. Right now this world is a mess, the weather is taking a major toll on the lives of others and I hope if you are in the path of the storm no matter which one… I hope you are safe and godspeed to you and yours… I can’t help but watch the news with tears in my eyes right now….

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Lately I have been so busy I have not had the time to write like I should and for that I’m sorry!! But here is our update on life:

We did some pretty neat things over labor day weekend. My husband and I actually had a child free weekend. It never happens like this. And as much as I woke in the middle of the night and thought “Where is she?” and of course I thought of her a lot… it was needed and worth it.. we had her stay with my mom and for a few nights we relaxed without having to corral her while camping.. We camped without the little princess and i suggest time like this to anyone even if it’s once a year like we may get… do it if you can… I understand not everyone gets this opportunity, but if you do by all means do it once in awhile. We generally feel guilty even when we shouldn’t for being away from her but when you are paddle boarding on an open lake and you actually get to do it together rather than one of you stay on shore since the little one can’t handle this adventure….

We came home from our camping trip and traveled back into the smoke filled town we live in and took that little princess to a well deserved concert. She got to see her music idol Ryan Stevenson perform Eye of the Storm… it was pure magic. She danced with her hero aka Daddy and she really enjoyed it. He even liked a Facebook post I shared on her being at his concert!!! She even kept her ear protectors on.. I was so happy that she did, I had my doubts and well she triumphed once again .. hands down great weekend with my husband, friends and of course Miss McKinley.

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Here are some of the fun photos from our weekend adventures and a few things I learned along the way…

#1- Take chances if you are a parent… if you don’t and refrain from doing things because you think it will end a certain way you may be wrong and you may be sorry for not trying… We took a chance by leaving her and having us time and by taking her to that concert, honestly she had so much fun and so did we… but prior to going we argued over should we or shouldn’t we and almost stayed home for both things… 

#2- Live in the moment… take full advantage of every smile, every trickle of laughter and progress your love for your loved ones whenever you can. Moments are freaking precious people… they are there and gone in an instant and anything…. ANYTHING can happen in this world so make it count, each moment..

#3- Don’t Give Up or Give In- If you are trying to get answers for your child who has medical issues keep at it, call until they say yes… e-mail them, see them in person whoever it is that you need answers from Do not give up or give into their ways.. a parent knows their child best, yes doctors and professionals are wonderful but do not give up if you struggle with things left unanswered.. fight for your little and show them how strong you are and how strong they can be… you got this!!!!

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… I also had a chance to book our stay for when we head to OHSU for her doctor appointment and I decided to book a place in Astoria, Oregon for a night after we deal with her appointment and Zoo time… we are going to get a little coastal time in as well and see the Goonies house that was in the movie… there have been a lot of different great movies filmed in that town so it will be neat to go there. We have Fort Stevens on our list of places to see while we are there and well I sure hope we get the time.

My husband hates to travel, pretty much I deal with 2 kids with him an McKinley… my mental notes sound like “Get toys for McKinley and snacks, Get snacks for Chad and phone charger……” He is an only child and sometimes I have to support him a little more lol… love him to the moon and back though… honestly he is my best friend my main squeeze and McKinley is his biggest fan therefore I guess I will do my best for him.. after all she loves him and I do too….

She also started school and she likes it!!! She is in a special needs preschool with 4 teachers and she is the only child until October then another child will start with her… 2 days a week for 75 mins at a time.. She was going to be in the “autism” class however with the structure of that class it works better for her to be in a regular indoor classroom since she isn’t one to sit during ‘”circle” time and what not… what can I say…she does what she wants, my sweet little wandering soul…

She will get a lot of help and support though from being in this class.. She also had her ABA evaluation and we start in home soon, real soon!!! Her week is very full .. Monday she has school, Tuesday she will have ABA in home therapy, Wed she has Occupational Therapy, Thursday she has school and Friday she has daycare with her friends.. busy little gal.. glad she can pencil me in.

I wish I had the memory of a majestic elephant at times so I didn’t have to write myself so many reminder notes and have my head hurt more than it should at times…..I sit here sometimes while I’m either at work or before I go to sleep and I get overwhelmed with emotions with all the stuff going on in my life and then I stop and think other people have it worse right now… No that does not soothe me it makes me even more emotional and of course I wish for a difference in all but as much as we want to be we are not in control…. life is pretty crazy at times -K-

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