The Reason I Jump (Book Review)

I highly suggest you read this book. It’s a powerful eye opener and a wonderful way to understand the thought process one with autism may experience. 


File:The Reason I Jump book cover.jpg

About the author: Naoki was diagnosed with severe ASD when he was only 5 years old and was not able to properly communicate. With the help from his mother, he wrote this amazing book using a method he calls ” facilitated finger writing” also known as the facilitated communication method… This is an easy to read amazing book and I suggest anyone who has someone near to them with autism read this. I found it very enjoyable and powerful.

“I wrote this story in the hope that it will help you to understand how painful it is when you can’t express yourself to the people you love. If this story connects with your heart in some way, then I believe you’ll be able to connect back to the hearts of people with autism too.”-Naoki Higashida

There are times where I myself have lots of questions on why my daughter with ASD does certain things 🙂 … I over think a lot due to the questions in my head and this book brought clarity in ways. No it’s not a “back bone” for me with how I view her and her ASD, but it has helped me see things differently.

This book is a series of questions that were asked to Naoki and he then answered. It’s easy to read for anyone and I feel like it’s a very good resource if you have a loved one on the spectrum. It’s from his standpoint which makes it so much more powerful to read. You begin to see things in a way you never thought you could… you get to hear his thoughts and reasons why and it’s moving to understand what he thinks.

Personally I would love to know what my little gal is thinking or why she paces in circles and of course until the day she tells me I will not know her side of things… But this book brought a new perspective on those thoughts I constantly have, it calmed my soul a little so to speak…

I praise this young man for writing such a powerful insight to the mind of a child with autism, thank you Naoki! Godspeed to you and your future, keep on doing the things you love…. I love this book.

Image result for naoki higashida quotes

Image result for naoki higashida quotes

It’s almost magical to read a book that opens your mind like this one does. Yes I have first hand experience with my daughter but it’s a wonderful book regardless. I find it fascinating and moving to understand what goes on during those moments when my little one is pacing or when she stares into the light peaking through the blinds and laughs at nothing…. it was a great read.. I don’t want to give it away so you need to read this book yourself…

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