Eye Dr (apt)


I will start posting updates now šŸ™‚ … for example this being the first one…

We went to her eye dr apt yesterday and ……drum roll….. She will need glasses… Of course tell the kid who cant stand glasses on anyone that she needs to wear them. We already have the sunglasses at home for her and even play glasses that she can bend any which way she wants and that have the band to keep them on her head but NO WAY JOSE… She does not like them. So this will be a major challenge but I guess bring it on, this family is ready for broken glasses, trips to the ophthalmologist and lots of upset sounds from McKinley due to wearing glasses…

The doctor explained that it is very common for autistic children to have Ā astigmatism in their eyes. It can usually be corrected within a few months but sometimes glasses or contacts are needed for longer…. well ok I get it but Hello here… Miss McKinley will have epic panic attacks over this.. poor gal I wish I could explain to her the reason for this torture, she already gets the stick of death at night aka “tooth brushing”.. she is not keen on that either …

O the joys appointments bring, some are wonderful and you leave feeling almost refreshed. It’s like a spa day when you get good news and go home. Then others are like a kick in the face and it feels like you have to start all over in life.. This one wasn’t that bad I just hope she can handle it and overcome her reactions to glasses in general.

If you met her in person and you were wearing glasses brace yourself… she would walk up to you smiling and of course you would think… “Oh wow she is coming to say hi, she is smiling how cute…”…. No she will take your glasses off wave her hands up and down and off she goes šŸ™‚ … So here we go with the new perspective on things in the world of wearing glasses lol… wish us and her the best of luck, until the next medical appointment update… Take care!

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