This is Life

I love you, you are my everything. I wish for your days to be long and glorious little girl, go take on the world -Mom

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I sat on the phone today dealing with insurance switches and issues that just down right sucked. I used a break at work longer than needed and I didn’t even get the issues resolved. Chad just started a new job with insurance, raise the roof!! But here is the catch…. we have to start all over for McKinley for all of her referrals and EVERYTHING. She is disabled folks, the only “handout” we get is OHP Allcare which will now switch to an OHP Open card insurance due to this new insurance my hubby has. We don’t necessarily need handouts but having anyone no matter what with major medical is insane… the cost can add up so yes free insurance is so helpful, like I’ve said before SSI is not available to her due to it being based on our working income even though she is disabled…

The process isn’t fun dealing with the changing of insurance and even this update …it will be a long road that will cause a lot of issues and waiting periods that we don’t have time for. Our McKinley has therapy weekly… that is now on hold, major doctor appointments upcoming now on hold…. yes the ER will take us but this is not going to help her progress…. she needs her therapy, honestly it has been the best thing she has ever had so far for her progress. Here is a fun one, when her application to SSI was declined for the 3rd time the lady said “Well mam if you plan on having another kid you would get the disbursement, or if you were divorced or didn’t work…” I laughed at her and said NO THANKS… love my family don’t need to grow it, love my hubby and well we need a roof over our heads so my job kicks ass. This world is a hot mess and things are so wrong at times…. you can work your life away and provide but yet you struggle… and you struggle hard not just a little… you feel the constant pressure of that daily and yet there are those who sit around and do Nothing and get so far… why is that?

I was raised with values and an understanding that there is a right and wrong and you don’t get a free pass… you work for it. You earn your keep. You also do not discriminate or hate on others, you find ways to make things better in this world. Being kind goes a long way… much further than hate. Hate causes torture in your soul and makes your heart sink to the bottom of the scum in this world. But look at this world, look at the news…. there is so much hate and it’s hard to watch at times.

I do not understand how there are some people out there who think that those with developmental disabilities are less of a person and therefore they are treated horrible. The comments I saw on facebook over the weekend from a News Report that shows a teacher and aide carrying a young boy into a classroom and dragging him were awful. And they are not being charged with any crime folks… it’s sad to think that society allows people to carry on such actions… If you do not understand something that well please do not share your hate with the world.

It kills me inside to think of letting my sweet girl into this world of hate and negative outlooks on life. She is above that and no one should be allowed to treat others as I see them doing or hear in the news. I pray for changes everyday believe me, but the only change that can be is within those who betray the common sense of good within themselves….. and for some they will never find that which is very sad…


So I sat there today on my “extended break” and thought long and hard about this awful society we live in…. If only I could live forever and protect that child of mine who has no sense of her surroundings in life or what harm can come from others who inside are not good people…. if only right?!?!? A lot of us have thought this way about our children and the best thing I can do now is have faith not in human kind but in the man above, the only one who has your back anymore.

It’s a hard life for us all and we will make it harder if we fall to the evil in this world… Be the best person you can be everyday and work hard to get where you want in life. There will always be struggles… but when you look in the mirror be patient and understand that there will be better days ahead… good things come to those who wait it’s a true fact and hard times fall upon those who are strong… it will make you weak and find ways to understand yourself even more… In a world filled with hate be the light that others need… #rantover

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  1. Good morning! I just read your post. I couldn’t agree with you anymore. There is so much hate in our world today, your daughter is so blessed to have you as her mama. Just from reading your posts you can feel the love you have for her and your family. May this road you are about to endure be as bump free as possible. Keep spreading your light and being your child’s advocate. I will be praying for you, your daughter, the insurance companies, doctors and anything or anyone else who will involved in this process. Godspeed! ❤

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