Ready Set… Express Yourself…

Be positive it may change someones bad day…

As parents we get to be there on the front line, we get to love and experience this journey in a way those looking in will never understand.Β 

I love my little gal, everything about her…

From her fantastic little smile when she knows her favorite show is about to turn on…

To the way she dances around when she hears her favorite music…

To the hug she gives me when I walk in the door after a long day at work…

That hug is what I look forward to everyday…

The connection I have with her is unlike any other, the raw love and the outlook on life that she has shown me is hard to come by today….

it’s magical as I like to say…

Being positive makes my days easier, yes at times it’s harder than it should be but you gotta let the positive vibes take control or you will lose yourself to the negative shit in this world and those who depend on you will lose you too….

This post isn’t about my McKinley however it’s about you…Β 

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So here it goes I’m hoping to hear from you, I’m hoping for anything from a positive thought to a happy story about your day with your child or with yourself….Can you think of anything?? Post it in the comments…

I mean seriously if you could express yourself in one positive word what would you say?? Post it in the comments…

Yes this is a post about expressing positive vibes, we see enough negative crap daily wouldn’t it be nice to say nice things or rant about freaking cats, rainbows, cheesecake or the infamous unicorn for once????

Well my rant is over but I’m waiting for your positive vibes, stories, shares…

Β The ball is in your court now…


Image result for positive quotes

Image result for positive quotes


12 thoughts on “Ready Set… Express Yourself…

Add yours

  1. I love this ❀

    So…this summer I’ve been coaching swim at the rec center. Part of the deal is teaching two separate groups of Pre K/K their sessions as well. Today, one of the little guys in my first group invited me to his birthday party 😍…and I’m totally going.

    And one word, “…Thinking”

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    1. Giving your own time to better others is awesome and getting a invite along to way heck yes! My little gal is hopefully starting swim lessons soon …so great that you do this… enjoy the party I bet that little guy will be so happy if you attend πŸŽ‰ ☺️

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      1. Oh good! I hope she enjoys it. I think all kids (well most everyone) feels at home in the water. Exciting!

        Yes! I’ll start looking for toys with the word “Battle” in the title now!

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  2. Life is getting better, I can feel it in my spirit and the more effort I put into positivity, the more I feel negative energy melting away. I feel more love inside too. My one word expression would be two, “progressive happiness!!”

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    1. Yes! Positive thinking like I said is a rough start at times but it really makes a difference in this world of negative.. love ❀️ how you are working your magic by making an effort… great choice on words … happy days 😊


  3. Beautiful reminder and outlook. It truly is essential. Clearly not always easy, and sometimes you just need to throw a fit and be pissed. But, with the knowledge that the shitty moment will be over soon and more beautiful ones are to come.
    Thank you for your courage and for sharing your adventure!

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    1. Thank you for this! πŸ™‚ I get pissed often lol. But learning a new way to live through hard times with a smile is better and I do it for her… and my sanity… I appreciate your kind words I really do… Cheers to the days that kick ass πŸ™‚

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