Adventures in Autism (child proofing must haves)


We often find ourselves with choices in life. Those choices can drain us and they can empower us. We can take hours to decide or make that choice in an instant. Being human we think too much and ponder things we shouldn’t.

As a parent to an autistic little daredevil I often find myself pondering thoughts constantly and day dreaming what magic hides within her head…. I wish for her to be more cautious daily.. but heck, that is why I’m here to give her that until she gains this later on…. I think ..what choice is she about to make right now? Will she be safe in her own home?

Thinking too much does save my butt sometimes. I plan things out and I take control of what needs to be in her life. No perfection here.. but I put in a good effort for her. I have come across some pretty freaking fantastic items along the way that I call my “savior tools”…. So yes this road down her beautiful autistic path in life is a little rocky but there are things that have made it better for us at home or on the go and I would like to share…. maybe they will help you too.

“The Road In Life Is Rocky And You May Stumble Too”…. Bob Marley


First thing that saved us was the magnificent BABY GATE! 

#1) They come in all shapes and sizes and cost all sorts of different amounts. For me with my McKinley since she has a lot of “unawareness” I was able to get a simple gate.. If you child is high functioning and can run circles around you with their brain skills upgrade please they will manage to take this down in an instant trust me. For my family the classic Evenflo Position and Lock Pressure Mounted Gate works perfect and it’s cheap on amazon! Only once did one break due to another child climbing on it and actually putting his foot on the locking bar portion.


Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Pressure Mount Wood Gate
Evenflo Pressure Mount Baby Gate around $10 for the short and around $17 for the tall one on Amazon.


#2) Baby proofing items around the house. So many baby proofing items… My daughter falls easily and if she were to open drawer or anything heaven forbid… she would have a hay day. So we bought a lot of different items…

  • Foam rolls to line sharp edges (they come in all different colors) also the corner covers for the sharp corners of furniture.
23.2ft Long Set-16 Corner Guards. SafeBaby & Child Safety baby proofing edge with clear protective bumpers for furniture. Cushion foam strip brick pad childproof fireplace guard for toddlers.Off-white
Around $18 for this bundle on Amazon
  • Door sleeves, finger protectors so she wont close the door and hurt herself which can easily happen with her not understanding that she can pinch herself… *this also is nice to have for those who have door slammers 🙂 lol. They are rather fun looking and they are foam so just keep it high enough to where it wont fall into your little ones control otherwise if you have a chewer you will just have one foam piece covered in bite marks… they are really cheap though.
Cute Yellow Tiger Pink Pig Door Stoppers / Baby Finger Pinch Guard - Set of 10 Pcs Mommy Good Helper Color Send Randomly
Around $5 for this on Amazon
  • Baby safety locks… serious must have! They are easy to use. The 3m sticky holds very well and doesn’t damage things. I have them on my entertainment cabinet so she cant pull out all the movies. I also have them on my bedroom nightstands that way what is in there she cant get to. They are really nice and easy to use. They hold the drawers in tighter than the normal baby proofing child drawers things which I’m about to show you and I like this because she cant pinch her finger as easily.


Baby Safety Locks | Child Proof Cabinets, Drawers, Appliances, Toilet Seat, Fridge and Oven | Tools Not Required | Uses 3M Adhesive with Adjustable Strap and Latch System (6-Pack Brown)
Around $12 on Amazon
  • Cabinet and Drawer locks. My choice is below and I have tried them all, from the magnetic ones to the cheap ass flimsy small ones. I liked this brand and kind the best. They are a little larger and more durable and easy to install. The magnetic locking ones for me didn’t work and why is because McKinley eats everything huge choking hazard and I lose things.. I lost the locks more than needed it was a mess, I like the simple ones below.
Wide Latches on Amazon around $ 3

#3) Child Safety in the home when your little one wanders or has no awareness of harmful things around them is HUGE. I have lots of things that we have in our home for her so once again here is a list of items that I felt were the best.

  • TV straps. My daughter loves to pound on our TV so this has made me feel better each day knowing it wont fall on her.
GuardedBaby Furniture Anchor-Child proof Safety Straps-Earthquake Resistant-Metal Parts-No Plastic-Best Protection-Mounting Hardware Included-Free Protective Corner Guards- (2 Pack, Black)
$14 on Amazon
  • Outlet plugs!! Yes a great invention but NOOOO my kid eats them so this was even better for me, I love this!!!!! It’s an outlet cover but it’s not at the same time, it’s the outlet self closing socket covers!!


Safety Baby Self-Closing Outlet Covers - An Alternative To Socket Plugs - 3 pack
$12 on Amazon
  • Sliding door locks. We have sliding doors in her bedroom and she has shut herself in so I got this and it works great! Also used it on the back slider to the porch.
Sliding Door Lock for Child Safety - Baby Proof Doors & Closets. Childproof your Home with No Screws or Drills by Ashtonbee (Set of 2, White)
$10 for a 2 pack on Amazon
  • Door and Window alarms for those moments when you don’t hear your little one open one… they are great for those other security home features too. GE Personal Security alarm pack on Amazon is the way to go. They stick on and they work really well also you can set them to chime or alarm mode so they make a loud noise or a peaceful sound…
    Around $12 on Amazon


  • This purchase that I made for an extra door lock was the best and I think any parent with a child that can open a  lock and go should have this. Its easy to use and when you look at it while it’s locked and closed it doesn’t seem like you can open it which I feel deters kids from trying… A must have if your kid opens the door and goes…
$16 on Amazon
  • Glass window locks. Obviously I don’t have to worry yet but someday with her urge for the outside world she will want to be there outside… so I got this to help my mind and its nice since its another security feature for those who want in to stay out too..  Safetynex Child Safety Sliding Door and Window locks (they are clear too so its great on windows)

    $12 for a 4 pack on Amazon

    Yes below are toys listed but they really do save the day and make her a little more “with it” in those break down moments and for her this is safer. When she is happy she steps around items a little better and she looks around a little more so they made the list…

    #4) My go to save my ass toys for McKinley. I have 2 that have for us always worked I think most moms have those “go to” toys. For my daughter besides plugging a show on for her to watch the only things besides that and music are the 2 toys listed below… she loves noise so they both are musical…

    • SwaddleMe Mommie’s Melodies Soother, Lamb on amazon. Good for babies freshly into the world and toddlers. It plays white noise, water sounds, a heartbeat and music. Has a timer and even a Velcro strap to attach to the crib.. all around great thing for us…. even a “cry” button so if she crys it starts working.
      SwaddleMe Mommie's Melodies Soother, Lamb
      $17 on Amazon


    • The next toy is her Giraffe that plays music and lights up. We got this for her as an infant and Iv’e had to replace it once. It is perfect and easy to take places. Plays music and has an auto shut off. Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Giraffe.
    Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Giraffe, Pink
    Around $12 on Amazon





We really do have a lot of items we have bought that have helped her or made our life a little easier… Or just put my mom mind at ease… I will continue this post in the future with other items I myself have found great maybe I will even share things that I think suck and would never want anyone to buy… This life we have with McKinley is a bumpy road but we strive to make it better for her and for us… Can’t wait to take her on a another bike ride this weekend with her radio and little Dog right by her side…. Talk to you all soon -K-


If there are any items you wish to share with me or post on a comment please do others will see this and it may help us walk down the road to autism a little easier.


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  1. I should add that my daughter has had seizures since she was a baby and I’ve had more things padded with towels and cloths (and tape) that I like to admit. Our last house had a catwalk/loft that scared me out of my wits for her. I had a ton of bamboo baby gates to keep her from crawling in, and OVER things when she was having trouble. Eventually we said goodbye to all the ‘levels. Too stressful.

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    1. Sounds like you have a lot going through your head as a father on ways to keep your daughter safe… you are a good dad for adding those towels and tape to any place you deemed necessary 🙂 …. I totally understand why you would say goodbye to the added stress, hopefully where you are now is easier. Above all I hope your daughter is having good days with her medical challenges… we as parents have to always find ways to go beyond to protect and keep our kids happy and safe even if it means bubble wrapping everything lol… Keep on keeping that little girl strong and safe 🙂 I bet she is beautiful!!

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