Life Matters



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What is right? What is wrong?… honestly today who can make that decision… society itself is wrong there is so much judgment and there are so many “negative nancy” scenarios. Ultimately there is only one that can decide right and wrong and if you believe in this one you will go far, need I say who?… didn’t think so…

We’ve got lots going on, we are human living in our little bubbles of life and trying to survive. Life isn’t easy, but was it supposed to be????… I feel like that answer is NO. You can take all those hard times though and turn them into something easier just by being humble and caring everyday. Yeah that part is hard, especially when all some of us know is hate and hurt…..


There are some who will grow up without anything and rise to someone with everything. Others will have everything and lose it all… this is life and you have to grasp it in a way that wont damage your opinions on the greater good in the world.

Sometimes we are so tuned into our own self and our own needs that we forget about the other people in our life. We struggle daily to look good, be happy, paint a picture for others… We should struggle to find out how others are doing and provoke good in others not bad. I can go on and on telling you the bad choices I made and the right choices I made. But this isn’t about me always, yes I voice myself through this blog and share my side of things… this is about life and how important it really is… its a gift to be in your vessel and feel and live, don’t dishonor that. Rise up and take control of what you want and do not break others apart to get there.



I often think of how I know that I wont always be here in this world… pretty much kills me to thinking about it… I know McKinley needs me more than anything and honestly right now I’m crying thinking about it…. its gut wrenching for me to think of…. One of my many fears in life…. I hope that Savannah and McKinley can be true to themselves and love who they are. Being a young girl today is hard, harder than 20 years ago when I was 10…. I sure love those 2 and no one better ruin them lol… but who am I to make that choice, as much power as I want to have as a mom in this world im reminded that even I am so little at times…


I hope that this world can find a balance where we stop trying to be something we are not, and we just be ourselves without the harsh judgement… like for example the fact that my sweet McKinley is disabled and she drools at times and loses control of her motor ability, has high pitched squeals and walks funny and yes people stare (yes inside as a mom I want to throat punch them, but I cant go to jail duh!!) for those people I just have to say a prayer and smile at them as hard as that is… I sure hope she doesn’t feel bad inside someday due to others being awful especially when she cant speak up for herself or even know how to….

If you are hurting or you feel alone… please know that you aren’t. There are so many people who love you even though you haven’t met them. There are so many things in this world that can bring a smile to your face if you let it in. The walls we build can create things that tear us apart inside, understand you are great.


I know that there is a lot of news of people hurting inside and taking it to the end, this hurts others more than you will ever realize. Once you are gone the trail of tears and pain left is hard for those who are still here. I hope that if you read this and find that you need to be reassured that life isn’t that bad you understand that it really isn’t.

I hope my girls will not see the torment in this world that I have seen with bullying at school and hate in general. I pray for them to have it easier than I ever had but I’m not in control and neither are you… I know some wont understand that but for those of you that do smile and be thankful for this life….. Life matters and however hard you have it there is someone out there who has it far worse… you are loved even if you don’t feel it, you are…. If we put all of our problems into a bowl and got to choose something different you would probably take yours back after seeing what others have on the table….  I’ve been through my up and downs and I may say some very uplifting things but I have my moments and even on my worst days I question things… we all have it in us to be hateful and happy we just have to choose the best option for life….  ❤K

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