Moving to the beat

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The music soothes her in a way nothing else can…. I’ve learned so much in the last 3 years as her mother. She is my little light when there is nothing but darkness and she doesn’t even know it. She loves music, more than anyone I have ever met. The way she can react to a song she enjoys is priceless. Music is everything to us with her….

She has her favorites which include pretty much all Christian music and especially Toby Mac and Ryan Stevenson… She will actually cry when the song “Eye of the Storm” ends, she is too sweet. I have been teaching her to dance recently 🙂 … she does this cute motion with her arms where she waves them up and down and just bounces in place and hums to the music.

I cant wait for the day that she learns how to verbalize and sing along… I feel like once she can she wont stop  lol 🙂 I’m sharing this because if you haven’t involved your littles in music, try it. It wont hurt and it may open door ways with them you didn’t know were there! When we started letting her listen to music she did more, like really! She started to try to talk… No she doesn’t yet but she tried! 🙂

Someday maybe we will take her to an easy concert with lawn seating so she can move around, that kid doesn’t stop moving after all… Until then we use music everyday and its our beat in life. We bring it anywhere and sing to her when needed. Like I said before it really calms her in a way nothing else can.

We plan on venturing into music therapy someday soon but for now with her insurance we have to pick and chose. She is only allowed 30 visits of therapy a year paid for. Yes that is a lot but also no…. we use therapy weekly so this runs out faster than understood. Also an apt can cost about 200 out of pocket so going over is costly when your child needs a variety of therapy support like our McKinley does.


McKinley sees an occupational therapist every week once a week, she is starting speech therapy soon and she sees a physical therapist weekly as well… She really has a full support team with family and doctors. She has a very special bond with her OT therapist… she is so great with McKinley! It makes a huge difference when your child connects like that with a therapist.

She will sit in her room for hours and move to the beat of a cd. She is so pure in her love for things. I wish I could be more like her and enjoy the little things in life. It’s hard being a parent to a child that marches to a different beat, but I love it! I love her and even though I can’t relax the way my husband tells me to I’m there and this is ” our constant” in life..

There are a lot of things that inspire McKinley to be happy and I will share those later but music is by far the best thing. I have 2 little radios that I purchased from Amazon that honestly have saved my life on the go with her… Both of them are rechargeable which rocks!

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This little speaker has been awesome! She can walk around with it, drop it, it can be chewed on and get wet and it still works!!! With a child that likes to spike toys and items like a football this is so perfect for us and we can allow her to take it outside and it still works… I have had this for 6 months so far and i like it! She loves this…we turn the radio to K Love and let her music take her away….


NeeGo Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with SD Memory Card Slot, FM Radio and 12 Hour Playtime 5W Audio Driver, Pairs with All Bluetooth Devices

Image result for NeeGo Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with SD Memory Card Slot, FM Radio and 12 Hour Playtime 5W Audio Driver, Pairs with All Bluetooth Devices
Bought this one on amazon for around $19


The next one is this the Rolton mini…. Seriously I love this! I got a little TF card and downloaded all the music that she loves to it, around 80 songs and this we take in her stroller, camping, car rides… just about anywhere and set it somewhere that she cant reach!! This one is not shock proof like the other… lol… she loves this! And even though she cant talk ..she will grab your hand and bring you to this to request you to turn it on. This is cheap and great for on the go. It has some interesting features too like the radio and flashlight on it too… 


images (4)
Bought it on Amazon for about $12

Rolton W405 Portable Mini FM Radio Speaker Music Player TF Card USB For PC iPod Phone with LED Display (Gold)


This Life is hard sometimes and for her music makes it a little easier. I just took her to her follow up cardiology apt, she took her radio and paced around like a happy little camper. Once the door shuts in a waiting room she gets antsy and bringing this along helps so much! We are about to tackle ABA therapy as well…. let the adventures continue  -K-

My girl running around the yard listening to music …

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