To My Other Child


Savy at the beach



A Letter To Savy:

Thank you for opening my heart to a new world of love, You are an amazing sister and your family loves you and we thank you for all that you do for McKinley…

Savy and McKinley


Its because of you that I wanted to do this……

I never wanted to be a Mom, honestly I didn’t care for that when I was younger. Some girls do, they live it and breathe it the second they realize they can reproduce… me not so much. If you hadn’t come into my life I would have never thought twice, thank you!

I know there are days where it’s hard for you, being in a position where you have a lot on your plate… and your just a child. I wish I could say that things would get easier, but I can’t determine that for you my dear.

I know it’s also stressful going between our house and your moms house, but guess what you have it so easy!! Two home that love you and support you, we get along and we care about you. Man there are some kids who don’t have anything like that, for them it’s chaos.

I struggled in the beginning when I first met your dad… I thought do I really want to marry this man who has a child and is divorced… it was hard for me to commit to that life, but here I am. I love you kid, you really made a huge difference in how I view motherhood. I know I didn’t bring you into this world but you brought me into it, thanks!

You have a hard time just like your dad and I with having to be responsible and always watch after McKinley as well…. that too wont get easier, someday you will need to do even more. It’s not fair but it’s what we have to do and I respect your little soul so much for the sister you’ve become to her.

I think that most kids with special needs siblings are the real hero, like you Savy. You do so much and you are still so little, your only 10 and you know that if your sister turns blue to get help. You know that she could never be left alone outside, and that when she is upset singing her a song no matter where we are is a miracle maker for us. You know her, and she loves you.

I never wanted this life, I never thought I would be here…. Now that I’am I could never imagine life without you, your dad, and of course miss McKinley… So many things have happened and allowed us to have such a great bond. Thank you!

Your mom is awesome Savannah and I think it’s great how her and I get a long so well, when you were little I stopped you from calling me mom…. I had just met you and I was still unsure of life in ways but there you were a pretty cool kid. You were 2 and called me mom and I’m sorry kid but I said No way you can’t call me that OK, you understood pretty well for a 2 year old. That is a wonderful title but it’s not something I could ever take away from your amazing mother, Ill be your fill in when you are with us and I will love you unconditionally, you are so lucky to have a strong family.

I know you have dreams to travel and do amazing things, you are going to go so far in life… Just please make sure your sister is always safe and not in the hands of anyone or anything that will harm her, she will always need you… When you aren’t here at our home she sits outside your door and calls for you…. you guys have a special bond and I love that!

You are very smart and at times you doubt yourself, DO NOT DO THIS. Believe in who you are and who you can be in life. Do not let your troubles haunt your thoughts. Make sure that your sister is well taken care of and always with family and be safe both of you.

You are going to have many friends and foes, just choose wisely and don’t cry about the loss of a friend who wasn’t there for you. Your going to go far kid, you are pretty strong. You are only 10, the world is waiting for you. I know asking you to take care of your sister is a lot to handle but no one can handle it better than you someday.

Someday when you guys are in public people might stare or say things that are unkind, hold your head high and don’t let her heart hurt from this… build her up and smile and wave my dear… people will be awful at times and there will be times where you both struggle… hang in there and remember to always do the right thing. Show kindness to others and lead your sister down the right path.

When people ask you what is wrong with your sister, you simply tell them nothing is wrong with her she is perfect. I think you are perfect for saying this…. Every little girl needs a hero and you are McKinleys, she may not know it yet but you are…

There are a lot of kids out there who may not handle things as well as you… Do not doubt yourself, you are doing a mighty fine job. This year on mothers day when you told me that if McKinley could talk she would tell me that she loved me… it left me speechless in the best way, with tears in my eyes. You are such a kind hearted girl, don’t ever lose that quality.

Life is not fair at times and you will stomp your feet and of course being a girl you will learn that the word NO just flat out sucks, I’ve been there 🙂 … You will get through it, buckle up and learn to enjoy the little things in life and be prepared for the scary things in life, they will make it hard but I believe in you… you gotta believe in yourself too ok…

Your sister is lucky, she may be disabled but she has you and that comforts me so much. Please be there for her always and keep being you….

I love you and because of you I took a chance on love with your dad, with you and now I have McKinley… Savannah you are my little hero, and yes even when you get in trouble and talk back I still love you lol… that is what moms do. I hope you can always guide your sister and know that you are amazing and you are both beautiful…

 –   🙂 Kayleigh –


Twinning and Killin it, matching shirts 🙂


Savy dressed McKinley and they had a blast playing dress up… 5 different outfits lol silly girls


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