Into the Wild with you… (a poem)

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Together we will climb this mountain high, we will push the limits unlike the others, you and I.

We will make footprints as we go, and together we will cherish the adventures of this wilderness show.

For there is no mountain too high for you, some will tell you there is but I know the truth, you rise above all and amaze us with what you do.

This path we take is bright and rough, you move so freely and seem so tough.

I hover around and make sure your ok , Trust me my dear you’ll go so far someday.

I know that this adventure can take on hard days too, but we’ll be okay if we stick together, just ask dad he knows what to do.

So beautiful are the sights on our adventures so new, we laugh and we play and travel up this mountain in bloom.

Your eyes light up at every new sight you see, you smile at the trees and out here you love to be.

Ahead in the meadow we spot a deer, you seem so delighted and show no fear.

This place where we are is right where we belong, doing things together and having fun as a family making days seem so long.


she has loved hiking and outdoor life from day 1

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