The Big Deal 

With all the crazy things happening in the news with the healthcare issues we are facing as Americans… I decided to write a poetic justice to how I feel. I never saw myself in a position where insurance or healthcare was a big deal until I had children. Especially one that is considered disabled…

Now I try to understand those things better and trust me I pray daily that things just go smooth… I have no major political crazy opinions at all. I just want my daughter and those like her or anyone who relys on this healthcare system to hopefully not lose benefits that may help them survive.

I hope for more people in this world to just do the right thing… so I sat there watching the news and over thinking about all this stuff happening.. I watched severely disabled groups of people picketing and standing their ground for benefits they felt they will lose…. and it’s those benefits that allow them to live… I’ve worked since I was 15 and I would rather have my tax payer dollars go towards those like McKinley and those who use it to live… not to those who just don’t want to try.

If you don’t try at life or get off your ass and do something you don’t deserve any hand outs. There are some who were born with differences that deny them the basic instincts we all take for granted.. but even they try harder than most people out there…. they are innocent and kind and they feel too.. and they are pretty great people if you just give them a chance.

And then there are those who have all the abilities to do things in life but they don’t want to because a hand out is right in front of them encouraging the weak to be weaker….. so my poetic frustrations occurred….

With grateful hearts we are world’s apart.

So many differences we share, which of those differences could you honor? Do you even care?

I like others am willing to sacrifice so much for so little, have you ever felt so fragile and brittle?

With life changes galore need we ask you for more… it’s this weight on our hearts setting us apart. Can’t you see we just want to be, in this world like you in this society.

I tell you these challenges we face daily are a big deal, while you sit on your high horse and smirk like it’s not real. Do you even feel?

We try to believe in the rise of something new. We care we really do, But what this means for us is losing more than just a few.

If this all passes and the new rules and laws take effect, will you even understand the concept of our lives in defect.

There we sit world’s apart with our dirty hands at our sides, we ask you to part the tides. Make things right when others lose sight.

The promises made slowly seem to fade, while we are left with thoughts of more caring for the poor. Is it that hard to ask for an open door?

You see while we strive to provide you take on the things we need, if only you had ears that would listen while we confide.

We don’t want to see you as a bad seed, but we are helpless against this reform even though we are in such need.

This world is a mess and we do our best, but while you rewrite history others futures start to become such a mystery.

Like I said we are world’s apart in society where everyone thinks they’re smart.

What we truly need to understand, is that if we all came together as one maybe we could actually beleive in man.

Instead we are all setting a fire to our souls, we are braving harsh words and taking away from the beauty that once left us feeling so whole.



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