Helicopter Mom

Most people will look at a situation in life and if it’s too hard they will walk away from it. At times depending on the given situation that one action of walking away can make it worse. Embrace that shit and take control, don’t give up on anything life throws at you.

If you are told the worst news ever when you enter that room for that appointment you were already dreading. Own it, and love yourself and your life more than you ever have, be a warrior, there are people who you have never met who support you.


If you win the lottery and get a chance to be that person you never thought was possible… Kick ass at that and do the right thing. Live to the fullest and be nice. Money doesn’t change your soul. Tricks of the mind can though, and no matter what anyone of us has going we need to remember that. We need to be brave and respectful and we need to know in our hearts and our minds that we are good people and we should always try to do the right thing.

I don’t always do the right thing, but I learn how to be better from all the mistakes I’ve made and trust me I make them everyday.

So aside from my daily life adventures with McKinley being sick on and off for the last 2 weeks and then our oldest getting sick on her 10th birthday and having to cancel her party life has been good. My husband and I celebrated our 5th year of marriage and our washing machine and our microwave broke, yes life is good lol.

My McKinley….she is a very magical little gal and she doesn’t show fear at all. She could walk right out in front of a moving bus and have no understanding that it will run her over. I call myself a “helicopter mom” I’m always hovering and right there ready to land when needed. She will always keep me on my toes and life will always be interesting.


I know that right now having a young child with special needs is hard but it will get harder. She is so cute and yes she will grow into a young beautiful girl and someday a young lady…. but that is just it…. she will grow up and then where will society be with her acceptance. Will they understand that she doesn’t have good motor skills and that her cerebral palsy effect her tongue in ways that make her lose her muscle skills with it at times. There are so many thoughts daily that I think of.

My husband and I are installing extra locks on the doors so she wont be able to just let herself out and wander away. She loves to wander, I could call her name and she would just keep walking. I am her mom, her warrior to life and I will protect her from this world of chaos but dang this is hard….

We have lots going on always, between work, doctor appointments, school, pets, new house life…. and then trying to have a fun life haha… what is that? a fun life.. we love to go camping but that is even a struggle, especially since we are super fancy and we tent camp, O yes we “rough it” lol. This is real life people, you have this going on too even if you aren’t in a doctors office once a week like me, you have things smacking you in the face from all angles so what do you do??? Do you Own that crap life kicks at you? Good!!!

The 4th is tomorrow and we will try our best to have a wonderful BBQ with family and friends and yes my kid will be in her “baby jail” aka the pack and play even at 3 years old, heck if she would let me I’d keep her in there longer, she can’t climb out obviously. She will watch those fireworks from that play pen, otherwise my little gal will be on top of them thinking they are toys, no concept of danger. She will probsbly try to put them in her mouth too…. everything goes in her mouth… there is no escape not even for the dog…We live in a world filled with danger and that girl radiates in No Fear, and that is scary.

So I wont be like most people ever when life hits you hard, I’ll own this for you McKinley. Someday maybe you an repay your mom with saying ” I love you”…

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