Little Bird… (a poem)


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Come away with me little bird.

We can fly above this world of dirt and sorrow.

We can laugh about the torture of tomorrow.

And when the wicked wind tries to tear us down,

we can rise above the hurt around.


Come away with me little bird.

We can pretend we are Eagles with powerful sight.

We can show them who’s built with beauty and might.

And when they try to spill the hate from their hearts,

we can fly fast and far and end up worlds apart.


Come away with me little bird so free.

We can play in the clouds and together for miles we’ll see.

We can feel the rush of the breeze, and together we can just be.

And when we face the obstacles they throw, O so far together we’ll go.


Come away with me O little bird, my star.

We can take on this world together, they wont knock us down.

We can tackle the evil that rises from the ground.

And together we can show them just how powerful you are.


.:Little Bird:.

.:By Kayleigh:.

images (2)

This poem I wrote in reference to my little one being the “little bird”. She is amazing and together we will take on the world the way she sees it. 

Every poem I write has a hidden meaning, most of them pertain to my little one miss McKinley or life in general. 

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