Hello Beautiful…

Her due date was set for April fools day and all I could think about was “No way little girl please come a day early or a day late…”, I had no clue what kind of thoughts I would really be thinking soon….

Well here we are about to bring a beautiful life into this world and at 30 weeks I have to go see the maternal fetal specialist. Freaking great! Seriously I’m over going to the doctors office and I just want to meet McKinley, we already named her….   So rewind 3 years ago and those were some of the thoughts going through my head when I found out towards the end of my pregnancy that my life would forever change and I still didn’t really know not until I saw the specialist OBGYN. I was sent there due to fluid levels being low and much more was found…

They did an ultrasound which was more in depth than my primary OBGYN Doctor and from there they discovered that she would be born with major neurological issues. That is not all that she has been diagnosed with in life but this was the beginning of our medical adventure…

I seriously left that appointment a messed up wreck. First I didn’t make my husband go because well I had a really good pregnancy going with NO ISSUES. While I was pregnant I kept myself healthy … I never did drugs , never drank, never ate weird shit, i did it by the book and this is how it was going to end. I was freaking out and I was questioning so many things I felt like my head was going to explode. I cussed a bunch and thought of some crazy things and I sat there in my backyard crying my eyes out feeling helpless…

  The whole “Why me effect” hit me hard I was a major wreck. I then started the torture of sitting on  my phone searching google for all things related to the corpus callosum and  this Dandy Walker brain issue that the doctor said she would have… I googled it all. I even started looking up brain surgeons for infants close to where I lived in Oregon. I sat there until it got dark and thought WTF just happened.. is this real life??…

The definition of her brain issue she was diagnosed with.

It was a nightmare but more or less one I ultimately put myself through in the beginning. I worried so much and I cried a lot, I think I may have cried out everything that I have because I don’t cry too much anymore. I could probably break my toe and not even blink, yes I feel! I’m just numb to certain things now. It was hard and yeah it still is but like I said this was just the beginning…








 The beginning was rough and we had no clue what was going to happen… over the next few years we would learn so much more about this amazing child we were blessed with…. We saw 6 different cardiologist… 3 different neurologists and the list goes on…. We love her and she loves us and we are doing this one step at a time…

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  1. Hi, I started following you. That sounds like stalking, sorry. Seriously though, I am walking living proof that people with Dandy Walker end up doing just fine in life! Laughing is the best medicine.

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    1. Don’t be sorry! Follow away. Thank you for sharing, I love hearing about success. My little gal has a lot of medical anomalies along with Dandy Walker and I agree that Laughter is one of the greatest medicines, thank you for this, you made my day. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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